Benefits of Purchasing Leather Bags for Women in India

Tons of women buy leather bags for themselves, for which the reasons can be many. They might want to accentuate their styles, size, functionality, class, etc. In this article, we will brief you all about Leather Bags and help to choose the perfect leather bag for you.

Types of Leather Bags for Women

There are many types of Leather Bags for Women in the market. It is not a blend cause like that of men. Let us see some of the Leather Bags categories for women.

Tote Bags

It is a large and open-topped bag with parallel handles, which is ideally used for carrying daily essentials. Women also use Tote Bags for shopping or work. Brands like Longchamp, Tory Burch, Coach, etc., are famous for their Tote Bags.

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags have a long strap to wear across the body, which is great for hands-free convenience. Women prefer cross-body bags casual outings and travel. Brands like Fossil and Kate Spade are known for their stitch quality in making Cross-Body Bags.


If you want to purchase a structured bag, Satchels is your choice. This bag comes with a top handle as well as a long strap, which makes it to wear in professional settings. But women also wear Satchels in daily use as well as formal events. Prada, Marc Jacobs, & Bourke are known for their hand-stitched Satchels.

Shoulder Bags

These are medium to large-size bags with a long strap for wearing over the shoulders. Versatile for everyday use, shoulder bags work for both office and casual outings. Gucci and Calvin Klein are renowned Brands known for their shoulder bags.


Clutches are small bags that one carries in their hands. Clutches have a wristlet for holding purposes. It is a perfect leather bag for formal events, or evenings out. One can see Clutch as a minimalist carry bag. Women prefer Clutches from Brands like Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, etc.


These are large leather bags with two straps worn on the back. Backpacks are ideal for travel and casual trips. One can carry heavier loads in these backpacks. Herschel and Rebecca Minkoff are some brands that stitch quality leather backpacks.

Things to Consider Before Buying Women's Leather Bags

If you want to make an expensive purchase of Leather Bags from Top Women’s Fashion & Accessories Brands, then you must check and choose leather bags on the following parameters:

Type of Leather

The Leather material used in stitching Bags comes in various qualities. In the order of material quality, you will see full-grain and top-grain are premium quality leathers, whereas genuine and bonded leather comes in the class of low-quality but affordable fabric. The full-grain leather is the best-quality leather of all. It is durable and has a lasting patina over time. The Top-grain leather is of slightly lower quality but it offers a uniform appearance to the bag. Genuine comes in lower-quality leather material which makes it affordable. Bonded Leather is made from scraps, which is of the lowest quality. One must look for these material types in the Leather Bag’s product description.

Stitching Process

Leather bags are stitched in an even manner with a sturdy look and no loose threads. One can check for hardware quality like zippers, clasps, buckles, etc. if they are made of quality metal and run smoothly on the handbag.

Frame & Structure

Leather Bags come with types of pockets & compartments. Women can choose bags by checking for spaces and organizing their stuff as per their needs. One must choose a size to fit their lifestyle and what size one likes to carry.

Style & Color

Women opt for classic colors like black, brown, tan, etc., as they are versatile but timeless. You can also opt for Trendy Colors with Bold Patterns for a statement piece.

Ease of Maintenance

A Leather Bag must be easy to maintain. One can ask for a maintenance tip before bag purchase, but generally, people use a damp cloth for regular cleaning. Women also purchase leather cleaners for at times deep cleaning their purses. You can also purchase and apply leather conditioners to keep the stitched leather supple, as the conditioner prevents cracking.


As for storing Leather Bags, you can cover your item in a dust bag to avoid direct sunlight and fading.

Popular Brands for Women’s Leather Bags

There are many renowned International Leather bag brands whose Bags you can purchase, but your choice depends on your affordability to buy them. There are Luxury Brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc., where you can buy & flaunt the premium quality leather bag to elevate your social status among peers. People also opt for premium brands like Coach or Kate Spade which indicates the affluence of its wearer in social settings. In more affordable ranges, there are quality leather bags from Fossil, Calvin Klein, etc., which you can purchase within your means.

By keeping your budget in mind, you can buy a leather bag to suit your style & needs.

PR-Collection Leather Bags: Buy the best Women’s Fashion Leather Accessories

Leather Bags at PR Collection are a popular choice in women's fashion, as they indicate some key factors such as the following that contribute to their enduring appeal:

  • Timeless Elegance
  • Durability & Versatility
  • Perceived Quality in the International Market
  • Comfort & Ease of Usability
  • Eco-Friendly produce
  • Association with Fashion Heritage
  • Thrill of carrying Unmatchable Craftsmanship
  • Investment in Fashion
  • Adds to One’s Sensory Appeal among one’s Social Circles
  • Customized Products with a hint of personalization
  • Celebrity-endorsed Products with considerable fashion Influence
  • Resilience Quality

The aforementioned factors and others make leather bags from PR Collection a perennial favorite for Indian Women. PR Collection Leather Bags offer a unique blend of style, functionality, and longevity which becomes a go-to accessory for every woman in India & beyond.

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